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Meditation is a tool you can use to help navigate through some challenging emotions, situations and times. You can literally change your brain when you meditate. I have created the following meditations for you to use during your entire treatment/recovery/survivorship journey.



A bit about meditations:

  • All meditations have been created and personally recorded by me, Dr. Keri Chiappino. The voice you hear will be my own.
  • Meditations can be purchased with or without background music.
  • Meditation has been around for thousands of years and is used to center your mind and body in all types of situations.
  • Meditation is a way for the brain to “defrag” (like a good ‘ole computer) and create a space for us to heal.

You may choose to listen to the meditations with or without background music. It is just a personal preference. Please don’t listen to these while driving or operating any heavy machinery. (Yes, I have heavy machinery operators in the Healing Boobies Experience!)

Here is a list of the meditations available:

Accessing Gratitude

Meditation that focuses on accessing gratitude during the stage of the process that you are currently undergoing. (Track Length: 10m 26s)

Finding Your Courage 

Meditation that focuses on finding your space of courage and bravery during the process from diagnosis to treatment and post treatment. (Track Length: 8m 47s)

Meditation for Deep Sleep 

Meditation that focuses on relaxing and releasing your mind each night in preparation for deep sleep. (Track Length: 9m 18s)

Meditation for Improving Pain 

Meditation that focuses on improving pain through meditation. (Track Length: 11m 11s)

Meditation for Shifting Your Mood 

This one is for one of “those” days, where you just feel bad or upset and wish you could hit a reset button. Here’s your reset! (Track Length: 8m 33s)

Meditation to Use During Chemotherapy Treatment 

This meditation is meant to go with you to your treatment.  Put in your ear buds and allow the meditation to soothe you. (Track Length: 12m 55s)

Reconnecting to Intimacy 

Meditation that focuses on reconnecting to the intimate parts of your life that may have been interrupted post diagnosis. (Track Length: 9m 57s)

Tapping into your Life Vitality to Combat Fatigue 

Meditation that focuses on tapping into the vitality that is in you to assist you in overcoming fatigue. (Track Length: 7m 53s)

Anxiety Before Check Up 

Meditation that focuses on calming the anxiety that naturally occurs before a check up. (Track Length: 11m 0s)

General Anxiety 

Meditation that focuses on calming general anxiety so that the focus can be on healing. (Track Length: 12m 22s)

Meditation for Forgiveness 

Meditation that focuses on finding ways to forgive so that the healing process can begin. (Track Length: 11m 47s)

Meditation for Letting Go of Anger 

Meditation that focuses on letting go of the anger and confusion related to a diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one. (Track Length: 8m 07s)

Meditation for Staying in the Moment

This one is for the days that you are worried about all that “might” happen.  Shifting your focus to right now is the goal. (Track Length: 8m 32s)

Meditation When You Fear the Future

This is a great one if you are always worrying about all the “what if’s”.  It will help you get focused, get present and find peace in the now. (Track Length: 10m 11s)

Recovering After Surgery 

Meditation that focuses on healing and recovery for your mind and body post surgery. (Track Length: 11m 26s)

Turning to Positivity While Feeling Depressed 

Meditation that focuses on finding the happiness and peace as touchstones while depressed so that you have an anchor during the tough moments. (Track Length: 11m 35s)

Easing Survivor Guilt

Meditation that focuses on easing the complex feelings of guilt after the trauma of losing a friend or loved one. (Track Length: 8m 59s)

Knowing Your Inner Beauty 

Meditation that focuses on finding the elements of yourself that are not only beautiful but inspirational. (Track Length: 10m 14s)

Meditation for Healing 

Meditation that focuses on healing your mind so that your body may also heal. (Track Length: 11m 08s)

Meditation for Self-Acceptance 

Meditation that focuses on accepting who you are, the changes that are and may occur, and the ways to accept yourself in the process. (Track Length: 11m 33s)

Meditation for the Caregiver 

Meditation that focuses on finding space and peace while being the caregiver and caretaker of a loved one who has been diagnosed. (Track Length: 12m 52s)

Preparation for Surgery

A meditation to help your mind and body prepare for an upcoming surgery. This will aid in speeding your healing and decreasing anxiety. (Track Length: 11m 49s)

Tapping into Your Inner Confidence 

Meditation that focuses on finding your inner confidence and creating space to use that confidence as fuel during your process. (Track Length: 9m 24s)



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