About me

I’m Dr Keri Chiappino. Chiropractic Neurologist. Certified yoga teacher.

Oh, and a breast cancer survivor.

It’s my soul’s purpose to help ladies like you work on the feelings that scare you. I want to help you feel whole again.

Stick with me and we will get you your happy back.

Let me tell you my story.

It starts with a lifetime of craving a family of my own. Then there were years undergoing fertility treatments, the hope of adopting a baby, and then the phone call.

“You have invasive breast cancer.”

Cancer. The big C. The word nobody wants to see, hear or write.

And the story gets worse from there.

The dreaded BRCA gene made an appearance. Multiple surgeries. Eight rounds of chemo. A year of Herceptin. More medications than I could count.

But then when I was finally “done” with the physical part of the disease, I had another battle on my hands.

I wanted to FEEL again.

I mean, I’d heard the words I’d been dreaming of.

“Excellent news, you are in remission and your chance of survival is over 95%.”

I left my oncologist that day and expected to feel happy. Elated. But I didn’t.  

I thought… I just friggin survived breast cancer! Why wasn’t I over the moon? It was all behind me!

But was it really?

My hair hadn’t grown back to the long locks that I loved. My boobs were not what they were. My ovaries and uterus were gone. I had more scars than I could count.

I reached out to the social worker and she recommended a group of young breast cancer survivors. Perfect. I also reached out to my oncologist, who recommended an anti-depressant.  

(I’m a chiropractor and drugs are the last resort for me. Especially after all cancer drugs I’d had coursing through my veins.)

After going along to the group a few times, I noticed there were different kinds of “survivors”.

There were some women who wanted to talk about how they “knew” they were getting cancer back. They didn’t seem to want to move on.

Then there were the zombies, the women who were so drugged up with anti-anxiety and anti-depressant meds that they were just numb to life.  

I refused to be join either of these, and that’s where my journey began. The emotional, spiritual and psychological work became my priority.

Hit the fast forward. Look at me now. Three plus years cancer-free, and more than that, I have my happy back.

Healing Boobies is the “get your happy back” movement for cancer survivors.

One day at a time, one step at a time, one breath at a time.


We are here to get your happy back.