You’re a thriver, not just a survivor.


Healing Boobies is a worldwide movement to help you get your post-cancer happy back.

You will never forget the day you’re diagnosed with breast cancer.

(Just like you’ll never forget the all clear.)

There’s this expectation that you’ll zip back to your pre-cancer self. You’ll be the person you used to be.

But that’s not how it works.

There’s an emotional component to any illness and this is rarely addressed appropriately; the medical system is broken in this way. Treating the body without treating the soul is like making peanut butter and jelly without the jelly; it’s not a whole sandwich.

Instead of battling tumors and toxic medication, you end up battling hidden demons. Self doubt. Guilt. Rage. Depression. Anxiety. Fear.

Nobody talks about the emotional baggage left behind by the diagnosis and treatment of the big C.

I realized it was time for me to get to the bottom of my toxic sludge of emotions and clean them up. I knew my “HAPPY” would be somewhere underneath.

  • I found there’s more to being a survivor than diet, exercise and positive thinking.
  • I found that there are layers and layers of unexpressed emotions and thoughts.
  • I found a very real mind/body connection.

Healing Boobies was created out of this exploration. Plus, it adds a touch of lightness to a deeply challenging experience. Seriously. Try saying “boobies” without a smirk or a giggle.

I’m here to share how I discovered this new kind of happy. To invite you into a community that embrace wholeness, healing and harmony.

Let’s get your happy back. One day at a time, one step at a time, one breath at a time.

Meditations for Thrivers are Available on the BrainTap App


Dr. Keri Chiappino is proud to announce her collaboration with BrainTap! Now meditations for “thrivers” as well as those under treatment are available on the BrainTap app. BrainTap Therapy is a unique method designed to relax, reboot, and revitalize your mind.

BrainTap Therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free approach that uses light and sound stimulation to guide your brain into a deeply relaxed state, known as ‘brainwave entrainment’. This therapy is designed to help your brain achieve balance, enabling you to release stress, overcome negative habits, sleep better, and achieve a higher state of focus and concentration.

Dr. Keri Chiappino is a chiropractic neurologist, certified yoga teacher and a breast cancer survivor, or, better to say, “thriver”.  Her meditations are designed to support individuals in navigating a cancer diagnosis utilizing BrainTap, guiding the process from surgery and treatment to thriving beyond survival. 

BrainTap meditations for breast cancer survivors by Dr. Keri Chiappino

Access the Meditations on the BrainTap App

1. Purchase Your BrainTap Set for the Ultimate Experience OR Listen Directly on Your Device.

The BrainTap set delivers gentle pulses of light and sound, creating a symphony of brainwave activity. By matching the frequency of your brainwaves to these stimuli, the therapy can help in retraining your brain to break free from unwanted patterns. 

2. Download the BrainTap App

Download the BrainTap app from the appstore. Log into your existing account or create a new one.

3. Choose the Meditation Playlist by Dr. Keri Chiappino

Available  meditations:

  • Resilience Renewed is designed to support individuals in navigating a cancer diagnosis utilizing BrainTap, guiding the process from surgery and treatment to thriving beyond survival.
  • Mind-Body Equilibrium will help you discover inner peace, balance, and heightened awareness for wholeness and tranquility.

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