Are you ready to move beyond the label of cancer survivor? Are you ready to move beyond being defined by a disease that is no longer yours?

Are you ready to finally say that the big C was an experience, not your future.

Welcome to the Healing Boobies Experience.

It’s time to get your happy back.

I invite you to join the Healing Boobies movement,  a community of women who are ready to live a life beyond fear.

A life of possibility.

A life of TRUE happiness.

The interactive Healing Boobies Experience is a guided program designed to help you tap into what makes you happy, and start being “you” again, only better.

The real you.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m still in treatment – should I wait until I get the all clear before signing up?

No! I wish I’d had access to this stuff during treatment!

It will help you through, every step of the way, and is designed to be repeated as many times as you need.

I am so scared to even peek into that “rabbit hole”….what will happen if I do?

You are not ALONE! I am here for you. You may think you’ve been doing a good job masking your feelings, but they are still there, and you need to work through them.

No amount of medication or denial will make them go away. If you don’t jump over the hurdle in front of you, your suffering will not end. And you DESERVE to feel better, to live in a healthy environment.

I am really busy and don’t think I have time for this – is it still worth signing up?

You have to take a good hard look at your priorities. Are you going to focus on YOU?

This program is designed to create maximum impact, with minimum time investment. You owe it to yourself to make yourself feel better.

There are two videos per week (ranging from 5-15 minutes) and a weekly assignment which may include journaling, listening to a short audio, or other activities that require about 15 minutes of time.

The course is intended to be completed at the end of six weeks, if you choose you can slow down your pace, but I don’t recommend speeding up – it can be pretty intense.

I can’t afford this, how else can you help?

I offer payment in installments for this very reason, but you need to ask yourself – is it really that you can’t afford the price, or is it that you’re not willing to invest in your emotional recovery?

How much is your inner health worth, not just to you, but to your partner, your kids, your friends?

Do my emotions REALLY have anything to do with my cancer?

If you really don’t accept that how you “feel” influences your body then this course is not for you. My experience has taught me otherwise, but your recovery is entirely personal.

Is the Healing Boobies experience available to purchase at all times?

No and yes. The Group Happy Experience runs four times per year.  The VIP Happy Experience is subject to my availability.  If there is a button to sign up for the VIP, then I am currently taking new thrivers.  The Private Happy Experience is available to purchase at all times.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Soul searching work takes guts to get to glory, and I am not going to give you permission to walk away. You have what it takes to get through this….it takes a strong commitment which you already possess!

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